Saturday, 13 August 2016

L E D E C O R | Release Review

Special release on Friday - LE Decor! It's been a while since we've had some LE Decor - in fact I've only reviewed 1 previous LE Decor release and that was way back in 2013, so this is definitely different for me! I love the homepage advert, I think it's luxurious and the trends are very current, and it gives a good first impression for the store itself =D
I really really like this collection, I knew from just seeing a few spoilers that I'd like the whole vibe of the release - it's perfect for me! I think it really reminds me of a couple of the earlier LE Decor collections in terms of colours and styles of items available, which is great because I think some of the early collections were much better than some of the recent ones.
The one thing I'm not bothered about is the inclusion of clothing or the mannequins/pals or whatever you're wanting to refer to them as - for me this is the store for Decor, not including clothing. I'm sure some people like this, but for me the focus is on what I can get for my suite.
I also very much like the feather print in the logo - sadly no feathered items available in the store, always next time Stardoll =D
I'll start with the two interiors available with this release, the Modern Light Interior and the Lightbox Wall Interior - they are a great pair together I think and I like the darker, almost sepia-styled lighting tones to them. Some potential for great suite rooms in them!
For me this store has two main pieces, two focal points you could use in a room - the LE Chic Fireplace and the Armani Casa Staircase. These are huge style items to work with in your suite and definitely add something eyecatching. With their price-tags you'd really need a good idea on how you'd use them before purchasing, I'm a little too 'on the fence' with my interior skills so I didn't purchase either - I'm quite happy focussing on the smaller pieces which I think I can fit into my style much more easily. I like both the chairs available, the LE Modern Luxe Armchair and the Exclusive Textures Armchair (which is totally just a seat, it's not an armchair at all) both have different styles with the first looking quite cosy and comfy for a great seating area and the second suiting a cool modern room with it's metallic-leg focus. And you can have some matching tables for those metallic legs of the chair - both the Mi Casa Side Table and Modern Designer Table fit perfectly with this theme, I particularly see the latter being a popular piece with the low design and marble effect top - I for one am super excited to style this piece into my suite^ I also like the Brushed Steel Sidetable, it's super minimal and doesn't look hugely special but I think it's greatly versatile, again it's a piece I'm looking forward to including in my suite. Lighting gets quite a large focus in this release too with a variety of desk lamps and ceiling pieces available. The LE Light Chandelier seems very over the top, but  I think some people could work it very well into their suits, I quite prefer the LE Modern Wire Lamp of these two ceiling pieces with such a cool design, I love the wire patterning and feel it will add a lot to a room. Of the desk lamps, I quite like the Mi Casa Striped Lamp because it's very obviously a versatile piece. The stripes add a nice detail but keep the piece minimal and would suit a lot of different room styles. Next there are a whole range of different smaller decor pieces which I think are probably the most versatile and could easily slip into current completed rooms for an extra glamorous touch, particularly items like the Rich Velvet Pouf and Exclusive Faux Fur Throw, which I think was the most popular piece of the collection. I love the gold-y brown tones both items have and I think they'd work with a lot of different furniture pieces. There's a little of a focus on flowers with a few of the pieces, as soon as I'd seen them I really liked both the Framed Designer Scarf and LE Chic Floral Pillow, both pieces which work well with a minimal style to add some flair. Then there's also the Rich Designer Carpet in a beautiful violet tone with golden flowers, such a great piece! I've got a bit of a thing about rugs and I always regret when I don't get the ones from the limited stores, so I really want to work on a room design based around this one, excited to see what I come up with! Also a little greenery up for grabs and you can either go big, with the Backlit Indoor Tree (quite the statement!) or take a more minimal approach with the Armani Inspired Modern Flowers, which is my option for sure! I love the blue tone to the vase and I'm feeling I know exactly where I want it in my suite already =D In RL metal letters have been hugely popular the last year or so I'd say, so it was quite nice to get some in this release, I'm glad they're separates and not linked together as it gives us a little more freedom to work with the Limited Copper L and E in our suites. I thought these would be a lot more popular than they have been and at the time of writing, there are still some left so I think I might purchase them and give them a try! 
Prices for this release range from 30 to 120SD, but the majority of items are under the 80SD mark. I think the prices are good for what the items are, and if you know your style, what you like and what you use in your suite, I don't think this needs to be an expensive collection!
A couple of features now - finding some was pretty tricky as decorating really takes time but luckily there are some speedy stylers out there^ Firstly Jesika_Stem going with the Modern Light Interior as a base for her LE-filled room! The LE Chic Fireplace makes a good central point and I think everything else has been styled around it well without looking too crowded. I really like the Backlit Indoor Trees in this room^
And secondly MySmileBeauty, choosing a previous LE interior as a background. Again using the LE Chic Fireplace in the centre, but it has a very different feel, showing off the versatility of the piece. I think this is really done with the windows and it makes the room feel quite bright and open. The small touches of greenery are nice and not overwhelming, but the glamour is still there particularly with the metallics used in the Silver Mannequin Lamp and Modern Designer Table.

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