Friday, 13 June 2014

We've all been waiting for it! | SEPHORA RELEASE

So it's heeeeereeee! I think Sephora has been the most talked about brand that users want brought back to the site, and well today is our lucky day! Stardoll has made a "Best of" store of some of the Sephora makeup that was available back in the day - now yesterday talking about it with friends, we were expecting great products however not at a very friendly price, so lets so how the store does! 
I think I may have spent 5 minutes drooling and staring at it before actually doing anything, to me it all just looks so beautiful and pretttttty! Haha =) Anyway, there's a great selection of all beauty products that we could need really, eyeshadows, eyeliner, eye pencils, eyebrow pencils, blush, lipsticks, mascara etc etc etc - I'm just a little sad there's only one lip liner and it's a bright shade, if it was a paler pink I would be using that all the time! There's also a good variety of colours and shades of everything, a particular favourite are those lip colours, I've spent a while just there trying them all on and falling in love with each more than the next, the colours are perfect and I absolutely love them on my doll!
So, on to prices - they range from 5 to 15 SD's, which I have to say is what I think I could have hoped, but didn't expect to get! However, I added everything that I didn't already have (I was around for the original Sephora so I already had a couple of these products) to my basket and I think I had a mini MI, I don't really want to pay over 400 SD's for all of that! So despite the above images saying I have 45 items in my basket, I didn't buy them all - I analysed each product that I thought I wanted and then made some tough decisions to cut that total down to 201 SD buying 17 items - which were all of the lipsticks (yes, pretty much every single one!) and the 3 blushes, which were something I had always wished I'd bought first time around! Ended up leaving all the eye products for now - I spent a lot of time comparing the colours to the ones I already have (which is too many!) and found that a lot were very similar, as the store is here for a month, I'm planning to spend that time looking at them more and comparing products to see if the colour difference would make a difference in makeup looks etc. plus if I want to part with those SD's!
Finally, just a few of the fabulous lips colours that I'm loving, that Kat Von D Dusty Rose is just amazing, don't you think? =D
So what did you guys think? Good release? If you bought any products and have worn them, let me know in comments and show me what you've done with your new products! 

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