Friday, 13 June 2014

Starter Closet #1

I get asked this a lot, and actually a lot recently - about what clothes people should buy from the Plaza. Now I am in no way qualified to tell you what you must or mustn't buy, it's your own choice what you spend your money on, but with this blog I guess people want to know the best pieces that they can buy, what they will be able to wear most, spreading their money as far as possible. I get that, I always want to make sure that when I buy a piece that I'll wear it more ways than one.
I wrote two 'Capsule Wardrobe' posts before(here and here), however that was at the end of 2012, quite some time ago - so I decided to refresh them! 
That set of posts managed to contain only 14 pieces of 'essential' clothing items and 11 accessory items, so my aim is to keep this post to that sort of number, however I'm also going to add a makeup section. Makeup is something I've gotten into much more recently and as someone who couldn't do makeup on their doll to save their life(!) I feel like I know a couple of products which I couldn't live without on Stardoll!

So - firstly makeup! You can expect my clothing and accessories posts over the next week or so, it's taking much longer to make cut-throat decisions with them when there's so much to choose from!
For more makeup and beauty, check out The Stardoll Beauty Spot

Let me know what you think in the comments - I literally had to drag comments out of you guys, which isn't very nice to have to do, but by not showing anything through comments you are not showing support of the blog, and we all know how inactive the blogging world has been right now!

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