Sunday, 15 June 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #101

Have to say I made a boring choice for today, I should have tried to have been more exciting now that we're in triple figures! Anyway, love these jeans, but they can be a little challenging to wear due to how they sit on the doll. I'm beginning to wish I'd chosen a bag for this look, but oh well! Yeah and photo quality seems down, wasn't like this in photoshop, this is becoming a bit of a habit and it's getting annoying!
Top Neon Pattern, Original Future
Worn-In Comfy Jeans, DKNY

Silver Strapped Heels, Nelly


  1. No wonder the jeans are called worn in comfy jeans, they look really comfortable, slightly jealous of your doll xD I love this outfit though!

  2. I think this look is missing something. Maybe a neon necklace or a see-through antidote bag?