Friday, 13 June 2014

Wear My Closet Challenge #99

I am still trying to get over the beauty of the Sephora lip colours, they're just so beautiful! I was in several Sephora stores last week when I was on holiday, and the amount of choice there was actually really stressed me out! I ended up getting a cute little palate with over 50 lip colours, blushes and eyeshadows! 
So today's outfit, not sure I like it much, but hey, I'd have to wear these clothes at some point! I used to really like this LE jacket, but I'm not entirely sure anymore =/
Printed Horses Sweater, Pet-a-Porter Clothes Horse
Sand Boyfriend Pants, Ralph Lauren
Gold Trim Moto Jacket, LE

LE Logo Black Thin Belt
Strappy Platforms, Elle

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