Tuesday, 3 June 2014

DKNY Cropped Cargo Pant

I got very lucky over the weekend with the Bazaar and managed to pick up several first and second season DKNY pieces for between 80 and 250SD's! Which is pretty amazing, can't help but wonder how my search found them, but I'm pretty pleased =) One of the pieces I ended up getting were these:
I haven't seen them around on many dolls, not at all really - and I know they're not a typical piece for me, but we all know I like a challenge! So styling them is my aim =) They sit very low on the hips, a fact which kinda irks me but something I'll have to deal with. So here are 3 looks I've put together for this post:
It might just be me, but I feel like they're all very similar - I think that the shoes being all black really did that, but hey, I can experiment with other colours later! I had a surprising number of tops and jackets which go with the trousers, which I didn't expect, and I ended up going with one striped shirt, then basics of white and black. I mean I do think I've come up with variety in these looks, hopefully showing the trousers versatility - but I think with time with the trousers I'll be able to produce a lot more looks for them!

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  1. I like the more casual looks. But the all black on the right is also very cool!