Monday, 30 June 2014

D I O R | Tribute Review

So this afternoon we were treated with the heart stopping Dior Couture Tribute! With this one we weren't sure what it would be, I think we were all expecting Missoni to be honest but hey, I'm not complaining as I'm a huge Dior fan =D Lets take a look then!
This is one huge collection, with 3 floors packed with beautiful and well interpreted Dior couture dresses, along with a cute selection of shoes and a very drool-worthy bundle of bags! One dress (second floor, middle mannequin) is a SS only dress and costs 65 SD, I really love the piece but am currently nonSS, so I've definitely got some thinking to do as to whether it would be worth it, the current summer offer could be a good incentive to make a purchase though for the dress! The rest of the store is priced between 10 and 56 SD, although most pieces are in the 20 to 40 range, not that bad for a Tribute these days, however the quality is right on up there so you really are getting your moneys worth =)
I love the colours of the collection, there's a lot of whites then mixed in with blues, pinks and purples, and it really works, but we should be crediting Raf Simons for that and not Stardoll! There's also a great selection of perfect summer clothing, with mainly dresses and a couple of skirts - the skirts of which would easily fit into many different styles and I can't wait to wear one particular ensemble {my JLaw obsession is still going strong} {photo from POPSUGAR.COM}:
I can see myself easily finding reasons to wear that combination for days on end ... this could be bad for my style! Haha =)

And here's some of the pieces that I bought - it came to just under 400 SD, which is quite a price for just over 10 items, and I really didn't end up buying much of the collection! However there's plenty of time to buy more from the collection, so I'm not in a rush to make any decisions =)
I'm really happy with all of the pieces I bought, as you can see I gravitated towards the more shoe and bag side than clothing, but I think for me shoes are something which can slip into any outfit so I'll get a lot more use out of them, plus who could turn down those bags! I seem to have gone for paler coloured clothing mostly too, which I think is because it's summer and I can't find a reason not to wear white! But those trousers ... perfection! I can't wait to show you more stylings than just what's below!
And now for some features =)
Please let me know what you think of the Tribute release, my review, my stylings and the fabulous dolls that have been featured!

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