Monday, 23 June 2014

F E N D I | Tribute Review

Just a couple of hours ago the Fendi Tribute was released! I had actually completely forgotten about it over the weekend and only remembered while waiting for Ikea (It came at lunchtime, I've spent the last 4/5 hours building almost everything, my hands are so sore! Also, they claim you need two people to build the stuff, what a lie - I did those bookcases by myself and it was fine!) - anyway, back to Fendi! It was an accessories based release (like the Louboutin last summer) and was filled to the brim with shoes and bags, plus a few little extras, let's take a look =)
I love the presentation of the store, the golden glow just really stands out, it's really not like another store we've had, which is great and makes it memorable. I've become a big shoe person recently, so for me this is like shoe-heaven, however I've come across a lot of people really disappointed and complaining about the store, not just for it's contents, but also the price of them. Prices range from 11SD for some of the jewellery pieces, right up to 60SD for some of the bags, with all of the shoes in the 20/30ish price range, which honestly I expected. I added just the 4 bags I wanted to get to my basket and already the total had soared to 200SD!!! Which was a bit shocking, but I'm just kinda willing to pay it, I love the bags, I'm pretty sure I'll use them (even though the cutting down of the accessories closet hasn't yet happened!), and they're pieces that I feel like in the future I will want, the sort of thing I'll regret not getting now. The belts are quite cute, I'm always on the lookout for new ones as I tend to gravitate towards the same ones all the time, I like the plain one colour ones best, but I did get one of the striped ones. The jewellery is nice, but I never wear jewellery from the beauty parlor and I have a lot of it already, so those are pieces I'm going to pass on for now. The scarves are quite nice, however are my 'on the fence' pieces, alike beauty parlor jewellery, I never wear them and I have numerous ones already. The clutches are nice, but as I'm not quite sure about them I just stuck to one for now, the nude one - I'm feeling I'm going to want to style the blue one soon though, so I may be forking out for that in the next week! Overall I ended up spending about 375SD's, which is a lot for a Tribute, though I only bought 12 items which was maybe around half the store, I can't imagine how much the whole store could cost - I'm not certain anyone would pay that much for everything! {Real Versions = style.com, fendi.com}
So a couple of looks that I've styled with the pieces I've bought - although it's not really styling when I just pick something the accessories go with! I've ended up going for pretty simple looks, however I do think they effectively show off the Fendi pieces =)
And finally a couple of features:
So what did you guys think of the Tribute - yay or nay? =)

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