Monday, 9 June 2014

Take a little look at this please =)

So a bit of a different post here, not the sort of thing I usually put up, nor actually the sort of thing we usually see around Stardoll, but I think it could be quite interesting! Most of you know Eamonn (fashionngirl.) and his fabulous designs, they're on trend pieces with a very modern and current feel about them - well he's set up a petition to try and get his own designs to be sold in the Plaza for us to wear on our dolls, I for one think it's a great idea and would happily wear some of his pieces! Right now he's just set up his petition page *here*, and all you need to do is pop down your name and email address, which we all have so it's really not that tricky and only takes a few moments of your time!

You can check out some of his work below and also on his Facebook page *here*:
I'm really hoping this happens and something comes of it, because I really think Stardoll could take steps in the right direction with this sort of thing, or even similar sort of ideas branching from this!


  1. I love them! Thanks for posting this, signing the petition right away

  2. All of these designs are beautiful! I will let more people know!