Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Versace Release

Bit of a surprise with a new Versace Tribute in the plaza yesterday! I was quite excited to see it, Versace is such an iconic brand and probably really does have a place on Stardoll - however when I saw the store, I have to say I think I was a bit disappointed in the collection, lets take a look!
The two floors have quite a mixed style about them, with a wide variety of accessories and clothing actually, which you think would make it easy for everyone to find pieces they like, however it just made me not the biggest fan of the release! For me some of the pieces are a little gaudy and really aren't wearable in the slightly more everyday manner that I favour - I'm sure they work well with someone's everyday outfits though, just not mine! The accessories aren't that bad, I bought two bags and a pair of shoes, and also have another 3 pieces in my wishlist, alike last time, which I'm on the fence about, namely those knee high boots, they're not my regular sort of piece at all, but I'm drawn to them nonetheless and kinda want them, but is that 30 SD's I want to part with? I'm not sure. I only bought one clothing item, a white dress, which I'll attempt to style a little later in this post - and I have to say it's the only item in the collection that I felt 'Wow, I have to have that!' at, the rest just kinda made me make a series of odd facial expressions - haha!
Prices ranged from 14 to 42 SD's, with more above the 20 SD mark, which like last weeks Saint Laurent, I think too pricey for a Tribute, I know designer clothes aren't all that affordable in real life, but what I like(d) about Stardoll was that they were affordable to my doll could still wear them, I think these prices make the collections a little out of reach and would definitely put people off if they're on a tight budget and only able to buy pieces selectively.
So here are my stylings of the dress I bought, I really love this piece and although it cost SD, I think (for me) it was worth it, plus it was the only clothing item I bought, so it wasn't too large a total at the end of that trip to the Plaza!
And here are two looks I spotted soon after the release. Each outfit comprises of just one Versace piece and in my opinion this is one of the better ways to style this type of pieces:

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  1. Thanks so much for the feature! I came to check and see if you'd done a post about this, so imagine my surprise! Also I love your first dress styling, the 'Beach Casual', that gauzy wrap looks really lovely with it. c:

    Like you said, the release was such a surprise - I saw the Red Gaga Dress and my jaw dropped, but couldn't follow through with buying it; as I mentioned in the last tribute store post, the overall graphic quality is kind of disappointing to me. The 'Vogue' pieces are quite lovely - a little pricey? - but the iconic 'Safety Pin' minidress is blandly made imo :( And the leopard print... yawn. However, despite the fact I'll probably never style them, I did indulge in the knee high boots. So far, no 'buyer's remorse!'. :D

    Anyway, Versace has got to be my favourite tribute store in a long time. Maybe not the most wearable, but certainly the most want-worthy!