Monday, 9 June 2014

Saint Laurent Release

{This was one of the posts planned for last week while I was away, most of it was written then and I've just added to it now that I'm back}
We've just been given a new Dose of Saint Laurent - I'm not sure if it's just me, but I'm not finding this collection wholly stunning, anyone else feel the same? For me I didn't get the same feeling as when there's a new Chanel Tribute (clothing I mean), maybe I'm just not a Saint Laurent person? Who knows! But I did still pick up 5 or 6 pieces from the store which I am excited to style for you =)
Prices ranged from 12 to 36SD's, with all but one of the items costing more than 20SD's, which I think is too expensive for a Tribute.
We had two floors packed with clothing and accessories - I'm pretty happy with the accessories and ended up buying 2 pairs of shoes, a bag and a necklace, with a third pair of shoes sitting in my wishlist waiting for me to decide if I want them enough! In my opinion, the clothes in the store are a little random, for me a collection should slip together quite nicely, with theme ties etc., but with this there doesn't seem to be much - I'm thinking it's the variety of prints that I really don't like, I think the prints just don't mesh well with the clothes they're on and they really aren't pieces I would want to wear or style on my doll unfortunately. I have been thinking about the striped dress quite a lot so it could very well be a future purchase, but right now I just have two of the jackets which I feel are the simpler pieces from the release and could easily be styled in any manner.
The accessories I purchased are all pieces which can easily be worn and slip into my wardrobe pretty well, so it's the jackets I'm going to focus on for my styled outfits:
{Sorry about the image quality - it looked better in photoshop! Not quite sure what's up with blogger these days!}

Oh, and I can't stop listening to this - let me know what you guys think about it as well as the rest of the post:

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  1. (Warning: rather long semi-rant coming up - I tend to get a bit carried away!)

    Like you, I find Saint Laurent's current aesthetic very much hit and miss - to me, this collection holds no appeal beyond the brand name; I just feel there's been a degradation in overall tribute store quality. The real 'dotted blazer' is rather lovely, but it's Stardoll counterpart wouldn't look out of place at Wild Candy... in fact, if it were sold at Wild Candy, I'd at least consider buying it. Would you pay 32sd for something that you don't really consider well made? (Tacky pink-and-black tube top that looks like something from one of those promotional Disney channel stores not withstanding, of course!)

    More than anything, though, I think that we can - and should, given how much we pay for superstar memberships and such - have both quality and a diverse selection of brands. Who wouldn't want to see more Givenchy? Lanvin? Brands like D&G and Balmain, things they haven't tried yet? A new Louboutin store that has both statement pieces and multi-purpose classics? Perhaps it's me. Perhaps I'm tired of the constant Chanel tributes. Perhaps I'm disillusioned in general. But mostly... I'm just disappointed.