Thursday, 21 March 2013

Weekly Hotbuys

Another set of Hotbuys was released yesterday - this time based on Chanel Resort:
I loved this collection, so I'm pretty happy with it overall! Here are some of the items from the RL collection[I'm not including the bag or boots, they're not for me!]:
 There are different colours of the hat, Stardoll chose the pink, I like the blue too though!
 I feel that a lot of people will be happy with this weeks set, I think they are what people are looking for in Stardoll - designer clothing at a reasonable price and pretty well designed!
I don't plan on buying the hair right now, it's super cute, but it doesn't suit my doll, however it might in the future, so it's sitting on my wishlist right now along with the hat - I love it, but it doesn't sit on my head nicely, and I'm unsure if a hairstyle change will fix that, so some experimenting is needed!
I did buy the dress right away, there was no doubt about that! It looks great on my doll and I can see it coming in useful for my stylings in the summer =)

Hope you guys enjoyed this Hotbuys release as much as I did!

P.S Sorry for not posting as much, we are about to finish up for the holidays tomorrow, so I am swamped in work, had a presentation for today, and a test to study for tomorrow, I also entered an essay competition so had that to finish up, which I just did before writing here!


  1. Not really my style :/ sorry stardoll

    ~ Yukame

  2. hello dear I am so happy u guys put their real version isearched fro them everywhere but ididn't find it thanks a lot please kepp updating we do read but we r too lazy to comment hahaha :D