Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Hotbuys Weekly #5

So it's the 5th Hotbuys Weekly, and I have to admit it's gone so quickly from when they were originally announced until now, I kinda can't believe it! Anyway, this week is complimenting the theme from the new Film Theory release:
I like that they're keeping the theme, but I don't feel that this weeks Hotbuys are as good as previous weeks. I think the shoes and the blue bag ... just no, they're not that well designed and I think would be hard to fit into my style, some people will like them, but for me they're not worth the 9 and 11 SD price tags that they hold. The trunk is interesting, I almost find it doesn't fit the theme, but never mind! I'm not sure about buying it right now. It's 12 SD's which I find reasonable, but I'm yet to decide what I'd do with it, so for right now it sits in my wishlist, next to the scarf. I like the scarf, it's print to be precise, and I really really like it hanging up on the wall at the window up there^, but I don't like it on my doll all that much, which is a shame =/
Now on to what I do like - the Voyage Big Bag for 11 SD's! I know this piece will most definitely not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love it so unbelievably much!!! It is a tad on the big side, but I really can't wait to style it, hopefully this week with a spring jacket for the challenge! 

What are your opinions on this weeks Hotbuys?

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