Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Yesterday the new Killah collection came out as planned, AW12 again which I'm not too pleased about, that season was sooo last year, like literally! The clothed are very winter based to me, the collection is quite heavy with the coats and jackets, so it's not really suitable for right now.
Anyway, there are two floors filled with clothes, I'm about as disappointed with this as I was with PPQ, I just don't think the collection is any good!
I haven't bought anything, and currently I don't plan to. For me a collection should have some sort of theme, something to make it flow, and this is like a random bunch of clothes to me.
I'm sure some people will love this collection and be able to buy several items and actually wear them, I'm not one to buy things for the sake of having them, I need to have a purpose for them before purchase. 

I can give one tip though if you plan on purchasing any of the coats, they're all generally expensive (around the 24 SD mark), so really think if you need that specific coat before buying, as there are many other nicer ones in the Plaza or the Bazaar that are often cheaper =)

Sorry for the lousy review - but if I don't like a collection, I'm not going to sing it's praises!

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