Monday, 11 March 2013

Inspired by #3

This is just a general fashion week inspired outfit, plus it snowed last night and it's just lying in a gentle layer on the ground so I wanted to style something a little more wintery (note, this does not mean I like winter or snow, yes, it is March, but Scotland has no concept of normal weather or seasons!).
Anyway, I bought this skirt about 3 or 4 months ago when it was released, and tried to style it at the time, but didn't get anywhere, so it was hung in my closet along with many other skirts of the same fate!
Like yesterdays I'm not sure if this is the best styling for the skirt, I wanted a really nice jacket with it, but I had nothing that was right, I think a big furry black one would look good, but I don't have anything of the sort =( Anyway, went for a sheer blouse tucked in, and chose simple black tights and ankle boots, I really didn't want to add many colours as I feel the skirt has enough of those with it's deep red and green.
I think this skirt is something people would think I wouldn't normally go for, but I actually do really like it!

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