Saturday, 9 March 2013

Inspired by #1

PFW street style.
 Today I am wearing this outfit, something came over me to wear this skirt, like I just wanted to wear it! I've had it since the Perfect Day store came out like 2 years ago for the Royal Wedding when there was that glitch and I got it (along with several other items) for free, I don't know if I'd have bought it with SD's though, but I'm glad it was sitting waiting for me in my closet today =D
This will most definitely not be for everyone, people might think I am crazy wearing this, but something clicked in my head after viewing many thousands of photos from PFW and I just wanted to do something different!
Anyway, you may not like it, but I do! I paired it with my classic white items - a long sleeved top (it's the peplum Basics one) and white courts, I topped it off with some round sunnies.

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