Sunday, 17 March 2013

Style makeover: mgirl07

Finally getting around to the 4th style makeover (the last one was in December!) seeing as recently quite a lot of people have been signing up for them! I do it in the order signed up for, ignoring people who haven't been active on SD or who have been deleted. In case you didn't read the post about it before/are new to the blog, basically this segment is where people who have signed up get an outfit styled by myself. I only use clothes they already own(so if you have few items it will be more difficult) so no purchase is necessary.

{Before is on the left, after is on the right}
I chose something much more minimalistic than her 'before' look, there was too many different things going on, and it didn't really all work together nicely. The pattern on the leggings made the legs look quite short as she wore flat shoes, and the accessories didn't compliment each other or the clothing. I went for light bright colours with pale pink and white, the two look nice against each other, and they don't look boring. I added simple nude kitten heels for shoes, and didn't add any other accessories - partly because there were none in her closet that worked well, and because I don't think that the look needs any!
Overall, I think she looks great in the look I've styled!

Love K xxx

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