Thursday, 7 March 2013

Spring Jacket Challenge - Day 4

Fro this look I chose this baby blue blazer from It Girls, I remember when it came out I was addicted to wearing it, the phase seems to have worn off, but here it is again, styled for the challenge!
I decided to go for something quite different for me, and go a bit non-matchey, I chose a plain white tee, then added green trousers which I love, I managed to get these at a good price in the bazaar last summer (SC's, no store on tag). White courts again, they just go with everything =) And then I added the skull print scarf, this is my neon accessory for today! I wore it a lot with this blazer as I think they were released at the same time, so for me it seemed obvious to pair them together. I liked using it here because of the different tone of green it brought to the outfit.

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