Tuesday, 5 March 2013


 So last week, or for all I know it might have been the week before, I'm too tired to notice time going by with all the studying I need to do, Stardoll released 4 new floors of PPQ! I think these were definitely overdue as it's been a while since we've seen anything new from them:
I was very much looking forward to the clothes when I heard new floors were out, but after browsing, and trying on many pieces, I actually have ended up buying nothing! A bit surprising for me really.
I didn't see anything that was particularly special, that stood out as a great piece to me, or anything that I wanted, which I think is a bit of a shame, as I honestly quickly forgot about the collection.

They have kept with several of the current trends, Emerald, classic black and whites, and prints, but I think it's this style of the pieces that's letting it down. For example there were no simple blouses featuring any of these trends - right now blouses are key pieces which I think everyone buys into, so it's at a bit of a loss why they're not included. 

Overall I think this post has disappointed me because there's not much more to write about - I'm not going to preach you guys to buy certain items when I don't even buy them myself!
Hopefully this new Miss Sixty release will be much more promising =)



  1. I had the same feeling with miss sixty actually (though i've bought a couple of items)

  2. I kind of find it funny how Stardoll has released an F/W collection for both Miss Sixty and PPQ in March...

  3. I loved the Trousers PPQ published and that black/green dress! Wasn't that dissapointing i think -
    The Miss Sixty stores are lame..