Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The No White Challenge #2

Ok, so I promised some colour and I really haven't given much:
This skirt just looks so much better with a white blouse and courts! But I persevered and chose the cute t-bars, which I used to wear all the time actually, and a black tee/blouse which I haven't worn before - I would have gone without the jacket, but the blouse doesn't look so good without it!

Sorry for the rubbishy post, I was studying in the library from 9am-5pm today, I am soooo looking forward to May 3rd when exams are over and I begin my summer holidays!!!


  1. I really love this skirt and the shoes. But if you visit this page you see 3(!) (not only yours) outfits with this oversized jacket...next time the challenge may be "no oversized jacket-challenge" ;)

  2. I really like your challanges :) They inspired me to do a "no black challenge" on my German blog :D And I agree with jody, I'd like to see a "no oversized jackets" challenge.

  3. This looks great on You! Cant wait to see more looks! c:
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