Monday, 25 March 2013

The No White Challenge #1

So the first day of this new challenge - really went for the opposite end of the scale today:
Chose a rather dark outfit, I kept going "Ooh I'll wear those jeans, they'd go perfect with my white ... oh wait =/", so I chose a dark top, jacket and shoes, and forced myself to go for trousers that would work with them, and not find several items that would work with the trousers!
Anyway, I'm happy with this rather basic, but non white look!
Tomorrow I promise I'll wear something with a bit more colour, I kinda feel like yellow or orange in this little weather 'blip' we're having here in Scotland!


  1. I love jeans and shoes you used, but I'm not such a fan of a coat, it is too big. Still I love 99% of your outfits, you have excellent style. For me, the challenge would be 'no black' since half of my virtual wardrobe is in that color.

  2. Simple but still extremly lovely!7
    I like!

  3. I really like it. And i think the challenge suits you ;P