Wednesday, 19 February 2020

H O T B U Y S R E V I S I T E D | February 2019

Time to look back to last years Hotbuys, initially I didn't so much like these pieces, I think it was the neon styling that really made me not like them and overall these pieces don't fit what is my preferred style. But in the end I bought six of the ten pieces, however they are for sure some of my least worn HB's and I think I've never styled some of them, not even in the review last year! So this time I looked at the pieces I haven't styled and have gone with the Margiela Tabi Boots and the PVC Ariel Pants:
I'm actually pleasantly surprised with these pieces, I really like the stylings - I think I just needed to have them for a while and take a fresh view with them. For the first styling I went with light trousers and a matte coat which helps the sheen of the boots pop. I loved adding the silver leopard print top as something fun, this would make a great Winter look for sure! And then with the trousers, I really couldn't help but catch the blue tones in the leather so I had to follow through with that - I love these booties with them and the navy blazer was the perfect touch to add here. The black top and bag complete a solid look - I'm so happy with this combination and really love being able to wear the black and navy combination =)

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