Friday, 14 February 2020

L I M I T E D E D I T I O N | Release Review

Wow, it's been almost 2 months since our last LE release, and last weekend was time for another one! I love the colour tones in the advertising, they're very current yet also a retro one, but I don't like the turn to just a background advert - I like seeing the clothing or some of the collection featured!
Highlights So it's a very dressy collection, and gown heavy. It's themed on a recent awards red carpet - this sort of style isn't so much my thing for my doll as I find it trickier to wear, but there sure is a range of colours and styles available to choose from. And there are a couple of guys outfits too.
Accessories There's a pretty good collection of accessories in this release - it's a little short on bags, with just the Fringe Clutch. It's a nice enough piece, and it works well for the overall theming of the store. I like the silvery/pink hue and the fringe detail is quite pretty. But plenty to choose from in shoes and jewellery! There are 5 pairs on offer, with a focus on dressy style - think heels^ There are also one pair of boots, the High Thigh Boots which were at the top of my list and I'm so glad I was able to get a pair! They're in a versatile cream satin which is just a dream. They also fit perfectly on the leg, and have a pointed toe - they're ticking all the boxes =D The Silver A Heels are delicate sandals, the straps are lined with diamantes and there are hanging pearl details at the ankles which are super stylish. The Purple Velvet Heels really caught my eye, as this dark shade is something I'm missing in my wardrobe and have been searching for on occasion, and also the GG Heels, I love the croc texture to these and the metallic sheen the the cool mix of orange and green tones - it makes them something really unique! There are 4 pairs of earrings, which is quite a lot for one release. There are two golden based pairs, the Shell Circle Earrings which are a little similar to some pairs we've had before, and also the Flower Loops, which I picked up, I like the thin gold drop hoop with the yellow floral design, it will be fun in Spring/Summer stylings. The Chain Glitter Earrings have also proven popular, I've seen a lot of people styling these up!
Clothing For me the accessories are better than the clothes - they're wearable items, while the clothes are very much for the red carpet. So this section will be a little short as actually, I haven't bought any of the clothes (yet). I like that it's not quite all gowns though, with trouser based sets to choose from too like the Snake Blazer and Trousers in a bold green then pink with the Jumpsuit Gloves and Cover, or you can go for black with the Oversized Blazer and the High Waisted Flarred Suit Pant which I think is my favourite of the 3 as it's the most wearable. There are just 2 of the dresses which I really like - my reason for not purchasing is the price, both are over 150SD's and gowns are a style I know I don't wear more than a few times, so I can't really justify the price. Firstly the Layered Dress, which is the tan toned chiffon piece, while it's quite sheer, I just love the design and would totally work past the sheer for it, I like the ruffling at the collar and on the sleeve cuffs - also loving that it's long sleeved - I think it just looks fab on my doll^ And then my favourite piece, the Warrior Dress which is the yellow pleated piece, it's just dreamy and if it were cheaper I'd buy it in a flash! I love the voluminous style to the sleeves with the rounding from the shoulders paired with the slim style of the skirting. The design on the chest is also beautiful. I also think it looks great on my doll!
Prices This release ranges from 29 to 210SD's, with most pieces on the higher side of things which is down to it being a gown-based release. As it's LE, it is limited to SS and Royalty members, and there are a limited number of each item.
Styled Outfits First up the High Thigh Boots, I styled these a few times before deciding on this look as a lot of the longer coats I was choosing covered them up too much - this look shows them off^ The tone of colour is perfect with the light tweed of this set, I think it's super cute and something really simple yet with a fancy and elegant design. Next up the GG Heels - I love this look so much, it's such a fun one with simple pieces! I knew I wanted to wear these trousers with the heels, but choosing the rest of the outfit was tough as I wanted to stay away from black piece, you can see I failed at that, but actually it worked out for the better as I'm so delighted to style up this bag! I'll totally wear this outfit again =D And lastly the Purple Velvet Heels, which I knew I wanted to pair with this bag, the colours are a great match together. To avoid being too purple right off the bat with them, I decided to go for pink, I think it works out well, but I think the shoes will be better in another styling. I love the outcome of the look though, I think it does work out and looks pretty decent =)
Features And now for the features, just a couple to share, but they're fabulous! Firstly ohmonica styling the Move Please Dress. I love it layered up like this, worn more as a jacket, it works so nicely. And the cool floaty design of the skirting is a great style contrast, the white base also makes the orange stand out even more. Love the floral booties, they're a great balance. Also loving the white fishnets, those are a super cool addition^
Next up Opioides styles the Chain Glitter Earrings and the Snake Belt, accessories can go such a long way! I'm loving this skirting idea so much, the pink is super pretty and the belting addition as an applique design looks amazing, so creative^ The long sweater makes a cool layer and I like the masculinity of the blazer. The glitter pieces stand out so much and balance the look well, those heels are perfect!
Sterlina2010 is draped in this LE collection, wearing the Silver Snake Skirt, Long Sleeve Bead Top, High Thigh Boots, Shell Circle Earrings and the Golden Sparks Hat - wow that's a lot! But it really works well together. The accessories added further really are perfect too, I love the use of this draping LE bag from an older collection, I'm really regretting selling it because it's perfect with these boots. And I love the golden necklace additions, they fill the neckline beautifully!
And the final feature, from Lawliet. who is also wearing the Long Sleeve Bead Top and the High Thigh Boots but in a totally different style. I love the top paired with this base layer, the bead design is great with the circle pattern. The lace jumpsuit on top is a cool idea to pull everything together, for sure a great surprise, but I love it! Also loving the belt bag and hat additions to the look =D

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