Sunday, 16 February 2020

B I Z O U | Styled Outfits

We got a brand new Spring collection in the Bizou store with a variety of some of the popular trends of the season to choose from. For me it's a bit of a mixed bag, some hits and some misses, but I managed to pick up a few very nice pieces that will be perfect for Spring stylings. First up the Blazer Dress which I really love the colour combination of, the nude base with the black half belt really is something very nice to see. I styled it up as a blazer, it works well as either outerwear or a dress. I kept very minimal, choosing a black base to fit with the belting. Love these nude heels with the coat, they're a really very nice pairing that I will repeat for sure, then rounded off with a bag to fit both colours - love this for a Winter styling with light tones for sure! Then we have the Open Everyday Heel which are just such a fun unique pair of booties. Love both the colour and the open front design, I can see it working with so many different stylings. I went with a printed skirt and they really balance in the look with the beige sweater but also manage to stand out. I can't wait to wear these with more fun prints^ And finally the More Flowers Dress which really is the epitome of Spring styling with light tones and a floral print. I love the long sleeves, the mini length and the tied belting. I really didn't add much to the dress, just matching pink boots, bag and sunglasses as I didn't want to cover it up with any outerwear, but it will work with a range of coats and jackets too. I'm excited to style this through the Spring/Summer season!

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