Monday, 24 February 2020

M I N I S K I R T S I N W I N T E R | Styled Outfits

Wearing something different for me - miniskirts! The shorter length isn't something I usually go for, especially not in Winter, but I felt like giving it a go for once^ It's all about styling these lengths up with boots to keep that little bit warmer. First up choosing a white-based styling with the Choppy White Skirt, which I think looks fabulous with these white boots - I think white looks particularly good against my dolls tan skin tone. This black and white polo helps to add some layers to the look and also works well to add the black accessories to the styling. The furry coat makes for the perfect Winter styling! Sandwiched between two light looks, something super dark with the Balenciaga Inspired Jeans Skirt. With this one I decided to use tights as the bare leg looked out of place with all of the dark tones. The denim of the skirt really stands out with the matte of the top and coat, while the sheen of the leather boots adds another piece to attract the eye to the outfit. Also loving the standout bag, the silver is great against the black for sure^ And lastly a styling I've been wearing for a couple of weeks because I really really love it - styling up the Sheer Ribbed Golden Skirt. I simply adore the skirt with these satin beige boots, such a dream together! The top and the jacket are neutral additions but the one-shoulder style really adds a cool vibe and lets a good chunk of the skirt be shown off. Also loving my bag choice, it's a piece I love the look of but have always struggled to style. I've never quite been able to sell it on as I always think there will be a perfect look for it, and I think I've found it now =D

Do you guys like the mini length in Winter? Let me know how you'd style it! 

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