Saturday, 22 February 2020

V O I L E | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

We recently got a new VOILE release - all very gown-based, which to be honest, I'm a bit over, they're not wearable pieces that are worth their money for me. But it did come with a fair number of accessories which seem to be doing pretty well. Turkiye has gone for both the Lemon Dream Belt and the Square Heels which look fantastic, they really stand out in the styling with the mini-length of the dress. Love the bold printing on the dress, and the accessories tie in very nicely with their black details which work to bring the shoes into the look. Definitely very cool, and a very modern look!
I ended up picking up quite a few pieces to try out. First up the Knot Handbag which has such a great sky-blue colour, something missing from my wardrobe for sure! I found this super easy to style, and I love the overall style of the bag too, it looked good with so many items of clothing that I tried. In the end I chose these cool floral trousers, I think the mixed colour of the print works well with the block colour of the bag. I kept a neutral jacket and love the oversizing of this one with the trouser design, but added a little more blue in the shirt. I really love this combination! Then in the second look, the Flower Pant Set which I was a little hesitant about over the shape of the piece, however I really like the print and colour so decided to give them a try! I love these with the white boots, I think it looks so cool and is a great base for a range of looks, I kept with a light shirt and belt but tried something darker with a coat, I quite like it and the trousers do well to pop out against the darker colour - I do think the cool vibes of the coat add a totally different vibe to the trouser design which I like. I'm excited to try these out more =) And finally the Orange Open Pumps which I just love, such a simple design in a great colour, they really stand out. I couldn't resist but pair them with some matching trousers, they make a great duo^ I played it simple with the white shirt, and then had to include this bag again, I loved showcasing it in another look recently and it goes so well in this styling too!

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