Friday, 28 February 2020

F E B R U A R Y 2 0 2 0 H O T B U Y S

It's the end of another month and another trial way of Hotbuys - this month we got two separate floors released, one at the start and the second around half way through the month, which I think was fine, however it should be 'pinned' to the front of the Plaza so it's not lost in other releases. Whilst I still prefer the original way of doing HB's, this was ok too. Let's get on and take a closer look!

This month came with 1 male and 3 female looks, as I have a female doll I am focussing only on these pieces. There were 9 items this month, with a mix of clothing and accessories, but with a lack of bags! There's a more glamorous vibe to this release with slinky cuts and stylish earrings. The earrings are both pretty great, I love the gold and red colour combination of the Errings Berry (Voile, 13SD's), it's really stand out! And the Earrings Classic Twist (Voile, 13SD's) are in a very popular design, these will go down very well. For me the shoes aren't so great, the styles are quite basic, with HB shoes I'm usually looking for something quite stand out. The clothing pieces are quite unique - I love the butterfly theming, it looks awesome! I also love that you can choose contrasting colours for the style with either the black Butterfly Blouse (Voile, 25SD's) or the white Butterfly Dress (Voile, 34SD's). Neither of these pieces is cheap, but they do have great design, and I love how they look on the doll, they're definitely something a little bit special for sure =) I'm really loving the Leather Slit Skirt (Voile, 22SD's) because it has such a great sheen and is made with a very nice texture, we've not got much like it in the Plaza. It fits the doll really nicely and looks like it will make some great dressy stylings^

First up in the features is Bianca.Vos wearing both the Errings Berry and the Sandals With Heel Black in this cool look - I'm loving the burgundy tones in this! I'm also really liking the sparkling polo added, it really jazzes up the neckline in the blazer. The slicked back hairstyle really works perfectly to show off the earrings well^
Rob_sef7 also wears the Errings Berry and I really love this look with a difference. I love a silk dress, but would never have though to pair green with these earrings, but it's looking amazing! The white shirt provides a simple base and pairs well with the headband and sunglasses, which are a good base for the earring colours to stand out on - the red lip is particularly perfect with them too =D
And the final feature, ajenkam styling up the Leather Slit Skirt, and I just think looking overall very cool! The leather is balanced out nicely in the outfit with the crop top and the boots, and I love the mattifying made with the brown polo, an unusual pairing but looks super =) The accessories are nice too, love this belt with the skirt so much, I'll need to remember that for next time!

I bought two pieces this month, the Errings Berry and the Leather Slit Skirt and I'm pretty happy with my purchases, although I might make a last minute decision on the Butterfly Blouse because I kind of want to see what I could do with it! With the earrings I kept on the burgundy theme, this trousers and shirt combination is one of my favourites and it's perfect with these earrings too. The gold also pairs well with this bag and I added these fun heels to match, they really stand out against the trousers, I'll definitely remember this for a future pairing. And then with the skirt I was a little stumped as I couldn't imagine anything other than black with it. The top adds a matte effect while the leather boots are pretty fitting with the overall style of the skirt. I really like this grey fringed bag with the look, whilst you can only see a small part of it, I think it helps to 'lighten' the styling a little.

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