Monday, 17 February 2020

R O Y A L T Y | Styled By You / / Styled By Me

I always love a new Royalty release, there's always quite a few special bits and pieces in this store. This time I didn't quite feel like writing a review, but still wanted to show off some features and my stylings from my top picks from this new collection. First up the features, and a couple wearing the Graphic Print Top, this look is from Mh91 going very sleek pairing it in a covered black and white look. I love the silky skirt with the top, the black and white chunky belting is a great split between the two pieces and the trim of the top is perfect ontop of the skirt. Also love the long boots, the leather is super shiny, matches with the bag and really stands out to catch your eye - love it^
Next up also in the Graphic Print Top is rob_sef7 showing it can be a versatile look. This is also layered but in a different way, I think it looks great with the net dress on top of it. And the same thick belt design is there in this look too, the corset style is very nice here. I like using the navy of these trousers as something a little different, and the accessories are perfectly fitting to all of the clothes, great choices!
And then we have two looks from Mia1435, both are great and I couldn't just choose one to feature, so first up with the Hero Shoulder Woven shirt, which is looking very smart and also very cool with these pleat front white trousers. I am also loving the matching shoes, these look great, and also the little touch of the blue nail polish, that's fab^ Love the bet and bag choice, the gold trim on these really pops out while the pieces are still very fitting to the overall style.
And in the second look styling the Silk Dress Champagne and making the piece somewhat more casual pairing it with jeans - the light wash makes them work well colour-wise. I also love the casual vibes from this checked coat, perfect with the jeans and the checks really add to the look and don't pull from the dress. Adore the shoe and jewellery choice in this look, really the perfect finishing touch =D
And now for my stylings - I actually bought quite a few pieces, so I'm saving up my shoe-stylings for another post, this time, the clothing! First up the Green Animal Pants, which I wasn't sure about at first, but when making my final decision on purchases I decided to give them a go to try out something different. I kept it very basic with all black, the green of the trousers really pops this way and I really like it! I added green in the bag too and more white with the glasses which I really quite like to try and lighten the look. I'm quite happy that I got these in the end! Next up the Hero Shoulder Woven which I liked for the pearl-esque details on the shoulders and so I continued that in the rest of the look with these pearl jeans and the bag. I really like how this looks, I don't wear denim a lot but this is a pair I can work with! I even added earrings, and I'm happy with the completed styling^ And finally the Graphic Print Top which I bought after seeing the above stylings, they really made it seem the coolest piece to have! Another super simple look, choosing black for the clothes which lets the grey of the top pop out. I was pretty different in my accessories choices with this pearl bag, silver shoes and the plastic-based sunglasses and earrings, but I think it all works really nicely together =)

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