Sunday, 23 February 2020

R O Y A L T Y | Styling Shoes

As I said in my recent Royalty post I bought quite a few pieces from the release, I already styled up the clothing that I bought and now it's time for the shoes! I got three pairs, they all have quite a retro vibe to them, with chunky heels and square toes - styles I'm really loving at the moment. So first up the Leather Con Boots, these have a cool vertical striped design and also tabs over the toes lined with a black trim, the orange colour is just fantastic! They look great on and I found quite a few pieces that looked good with them, in the end I chose a neutral trouser, the rolled hem is great with the boots. The orange top and bag are the perfect partners for these shoes^ Secondly the Cherry Boots which I loved for their deep colour, I went through a phase a couple of years ago and styled with this colour a lot, I'm desperate to get back to that with these! I immediately went with pink and I love the colour combination. I didn't go too wild on the colours, and added neutral pieces to offset from the pink additions in the accessories too - I love the look and can't wait to wear them in so many looks =) And lastly the R Heels which just look super classy, I love the golden detail on the front! They look super smart with this midi skirt, there's such a vintage vibe with these style pairings, they'll look great with many other skirts like this. I like the brown tone to the shoes and continued that with the clothes, this oversized knit gives such a cosy styling. Also loving this bag choice, I haven't used this in such a long time but I think it works out perfectly with this outfit^

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