Friday, 10 February 2017

We Wear Hotbuys F E B R U A R Y | Red Velvet Choker

This weekend is packed with HB's and to start us of, here is the Red Velvet Choker! It's from Fallen Angel and costs 12SD's. Chokers are still a pretty popular style, so this one is style quite welcomed in the Plaza, but I think I'm starting to loose interest in them, hopefully there won't be any more in the upcoming HB's! The colour is great, the deep red is definitely workable in a lot of different ways and with different colours =)
And this is the first We Wear Hotbuys post featuring our February Guest Writer, GMonster! We've shown a variety of styles, but it's clear we're all thinking along the same lines with the inclusion of other reds in our stylings! And vote in the poll: