Monday, 13 February 2017

T R E S S U P | Feature Set

Last weekend we got our latest update in Tress Up, the results of the recent-ish competition for hair designing, and here are the winners! As someone who doesn't use StarDesign hairstyles a lot, I don't pay so much attention to what is out there but this selection gives a pretty good variety - even if they all seem to contain ombre or half-colour styles which I'm not so much a fan of! I didn't so much feel like a review of the store, so I put together a couple of dolls wearing the styles rather awesomely, they work them perfectly!
Two of the shorter hairstyles definitely suited me more with this release, and so far I've decided to give the Maganda style a go. I really like how it looks on my doll, and at first I wasn't sure if the obligatory ombre style, I found once I put it on I didn't mind it or notice it so much - so far so good with this one =)