Sunday, 5 February 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #117

And today the final part of my Fendi bag stylings for this challenge. These two pieces are from the most recent Fendi Tribute last year and since I've been working on this challenge for longer than that, they're both pieces I just haven't gotten around to thinking about. So first up is the Burgundy Leather Handbag and going into it I wasn't sure what I would put together and somehow these pieces came out of my closet and seemed to work out - I really like this shirt and the burgundy vest combination with the bag, I think it works out well! And secondly is the 2Jours Small Leather Tote, and I'm not sure I really like this bag, the shape is nice, and the colours not so bad, but the design on it isn't something I'm so bothered about and I think I probably wouldn't wear it after this. I decided on some pink and neutral tones and I think the coat is a pretty good choice with the black buttons pairing well with the black trim on the bag. Not sure this styling is quite good enough for me to want to keep it!