Saturday, 18 February 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #119

It's been so long since the last challenge post! Today I ended up renewing my membership and there was a bag with the free gifts, so definitely fitting to include it - however there's also a StarPoint gift piece which looks very similar, so I'm styling them paired today =D So first up is the Buy&Get piece, the Fashion Week Shoulder Bag which has a golden chain and an amazing dalmatian style print - I did try out matching prints, but it wasn't working quite right so instead I styled off of the gold chain of the bag and I think it looks pretty nice, sticking with minimal pieces but adding in little things like darker shoes to pair with the print and the necklace to fill up the open shirt a little, I like it^ Then secondly the Sleek Designer Bag from StarPoint Rewards and I'm really loving this look. Initially I was gonna stick super neutral, then this shiny super coat appeared and ... well that was that and here is this outfit which I am in love with! The colour of the bag makes it very versatile, so it will definitely work in a lot of other ways and styles too =D