Saturday, 4 February 2017

Bag It Up Challenge #116

And now for Fendi part 3 with another pair of bags! Again these are from the first Fendi release in 2014, and other than styling them initially back then, they're another set of pieces I haven't really thought about working with since then. Both bags have a very similar shape and design with the same little hang-tag design, they're just in different shades of colour. So on the left is the Interlock Fendi Tote which is split with black and pink, really opening up a few options for the bag, and I kind of went in the pink option and found this cardi was a great fit for the pastel pink tone^ I still couldn't resist a classic-me base of black trousers and a polo, but I think the pale tee breaks it up a little, but I still like the idea of keeping the look wintery =) And then the second piece is the Peach Ombre Tote which I think is ideal for light and bright Spring and Summer styles! I went a little bright and dug out this slightly forgotten peach dress and styled it into something a little different with a white polo and blazer and heels. With the ombre of the bag I think white works as a good complement to the beautiful colour =D

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