Sunday, 26 February 2017

Fresh Ink

Depending on your preference for tattoos, you may or may not have had much to say on the recent Ink'd release. 
I'm something of a fan of tattoos, although my doll has none - this is because I love wearing them like I've styled here - as prints!

I've showcased a bit of this before and if you can master the resize glitch, the world is really your oyster. They look great on their own or, the transparency means you can incorporate them into patterns that are already on your clothes or onto sheer fabric. This graphic flower is one of favourites and is certainly more co-operative than some of the more delicate designs. I've gone for something quite bold, but you could easily keep the design small for a breast pocket or a badge.
The possibilities really are endless...

Ingredients / You Will Need
Geometric Flower Tattoo | Ink'd
Branded Tee | Original Future
Sequin Vest | Bunny Hop Gift-o-Meter
Buttoned White Maxi | Millionaire Mansion Fashion 
Jacket 2 | Bonjour Bizou
MDNA Earrings | Royalty
Black Silver Buckle Belt | Voile 
Transparent Shoulder Bag | Velvet Orchid
High Heeled Slim Boots | Nelly.com

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