Sunday, 19 February 2017

We Wear Hotbuys F E B R U A R Y | Givenchy Inspired Booties

Our next HB accessory is out today, and it's the Givenchy Inspired Booties in the RIO store costing 17SD's. I quite liked these in the advertisement and in the spoilers but felt a little less enthusiastic about them in the Plaza and on my doll - they seem like shoes that takes a particular style and it's not one that I have^ I like the colour, and the overall boot height in terms of heel and the height at the ankle, but I think it's the open-toe style that I don't blend with well - I'm sure some of you love it though =D
Despite that I'm not sure how I feel about these Booties, I really like our looks for them! I think we've shown a good range of versatility. And I'm just a little jealous of that telephone sweater that Miloshki has on, isn't it fab?!?! But vote in the poll too: