Saturday, 25 February 2017

Stylin' Shoes

Double feature! I've featured these StarDesign shoes on the right before, made by ThePerpetua and styled here in this awesome look from federerexpress - I love them with the split skirt, it really draws your eye and highlights the shoe well and the ties on the shoe are continued in the bows on the blouse at the neck and sleeve. However there's a new pair on our pavements^ The pair on the left are a brand new design in this little collection, and aren't they fab?!?! Here they're worn by GossipGirlSBC and the cropped trouser gives the ankle just the right amount for those shoes to take centre stage - love it all, the point, the rings and the bow^ The black and white clothing complements the shoes and the red lip gives just a tad of a pop off the screen =D