Wednesday, 15 February 2017

R I V I E R A | Release Review

Our last release for last week on Stardoll was a brand new Riviera floor, maybe somewhat of a surprise as I'm wanting pieces a little warmer, but it's still good to stock pile for the summer! Absolutely loving the homepage ad, the red tone is beautiful and attractive and it's still good seeing actual dolls getting featured, they definitely show off the pieces well!
Highlights I'm definitely hugely impressed with this release of Riviera, I think Stardoll have stepped up their game with this store and the vibe of the store and it's really working out well! There's just the one floor, but with the off-seasonal timing, I don't mind this at all. And there is a male piece included too. Overall, I definitely like this one, good colours, good graphics ... I'm happy!
Accessories The store is very minimal on the accessory front really, but there's only so much you need with beachwear really! There are two pairs of sandals, the Braided Straw Heels and Woven Straw Platform Heels, and although I don't feel like either pair look good on me, I definitely prefer the paler choice, the strapping is pretty cool and I think the shape is flattering on the foot. There's just one bag available, the Lets Hit The Beach Bag, which I think is very suitable for the release, and I think it's quite nice, I just wish it didn't have 'Riviera' printed on the front and then it would be a bit more versatile. And there's the usual straw-style hat in the Large Boater Hat - I've made the mistake of buying a hats in the past but I've come to realise they just don't work on my doll, particularly these styles, so it's something I'll pass on this time. What I definitely won't pass on are the Square Frame Gold Sunglasses which are the most beautiful sunglasses I have seen in a long time! The shape is perfect and I simply adore the jewel additions, such a great inclusion in this release!
Clothing So obviously being Riviera, a lot of the clothing are swimwear or swimwear-related pieces, but this time around I do feel there's a good balance between them and other pieces, I like this^ I'll start with the swimwear options though, of which there are four, firstly a bikini in the SS-only Lace Decorated Bikini Top and Bottom, which looks a little too like lingerie for me really but I like the colour, then three swimsuits with really good options - bright and bold with the yellow Salty Swimsuit, then more muted neutral tones with the Halter Neck Cut Out Side Swimsuit and Deep V Swimsuit which both have great individual styles and selling points, they're pieces that I look forward to summer for! But it's definitely the clothing that has me sold, as you will see in my styled outfits - I really loved a lot of the pieces! Firstly the Sonia Rykiel Inspired Chiffon Dress which was the very first piece that had, and held, my attention. It's such an incredible piece, with vibrant colours, amazing stripes and such a beautiful and stylish shape which will work well for anyone - I really don't have any more words of love for it^ The tops were definitely 'it' for me with the store. I'm a huge fan of cold shoulder and off shoulder pieces, so the Cold Shoulder Pink Cotton Blouse is perfect for me, and it's a bonus that it's in such a sweet cotton-candy pink colour. The trimmings to the sleeves are also quite perfect and I have quite a few style ideas based on them =) And then the Cropped Striped Cardigan, and while I've gone off cardi's a little, this one wins a spot easily in my wardrobe for the good colour and the awesome striped pattern. Plus I was pleasantly surprised with how well the fit is on the doll, great nods from me there^
Prices The release ranges between 13 and 23SD's, with only one item at the top end and most pieces well priced at the bottom of the range. There are a couple of SS/Royalty pieces, which I do think are pretty good, but there's other pieces I definitely prefer, so I don't feel like there's anything being missed out on.
Styled Outfits I absolutely loved styling the pieces I bought from the collection! I had immediate ideas about them and I'm totally stoked to wear them again already =D First up the Sonia Rykiel Inspired Chiffon Dress in the most winter-y of the looks, going with black boots and a black bag (love pairing these stripes with the fringing^) as I see this as easily an autumn-winter piece more than the others with the heavy influence of black in the stripes. The shape doesn't need much added to it, and so that's what I stuck with! Secondly the Cold Shoulder Pink Cotton Blouse which I kinda knew I had to pair with blue (or coral^) from that awesome sleeve trim, and this baby blue pair of trousers, and matching pair of heels, make a perfect match =D I stayed very minimal, but I think it's an easy piece to work a few accessories into. And lastly the Cropped Striped Cardigan which is in a great wearable colour and is a fab fit with these red LE trousers, this combination is creeping up my favourites list^ And I kinda knew immediately I wanted to go a little different from my typical style and chose this sweet blue and pink bag, not the average choice, but I really love it!