Sunday, 25 September 2016

We Wear Hotbuys S E P T E M B E R | Vegan Leather Moto Jacket

Our next HB is out today - the Vegan Leather Moto Jacket from Velvet Orchid. This piece costs 24SD's, so on the more expensive side but it's one of the focus items this month so I'd say that could be expected. It's definitely a different piece with the pink-hued metallic colour but I think that will make for some interesting looks and styles =D
We all seem to have gone quite different directions with this one, where I view it as more a feminine styled piece, others have gone for a more rock 'n roll vibe to their styles, it's good to get different ideas thrown around and hopefully we can convince you it's a good piece to buy! And you can vote in our poll too:

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