Wednesday, 21 September 2016

B I Z O U | Release Review

Hooray for a brand new Bizou release - it feels so long since we've had one and I'm quite a fan of the store^ The blue of the advert is very eye catching and really draws your attention, and I think the colour of the clothing on the models is both complimentary to the blue and stands out on it's own^
So we got the regular one floor release for this store, and this time the pieces will get you set for the autumn season - there's everything you need there in some fabulous colours and designs!
There's a small range of accessories, but it includes a little of everything. I think the shoes, the Nude Gold Silver Detail Heels are great, they definitely stand out as a top-pick for the store. They're fairly neutral but have a cool studded detail and a buckle around the ankle so definitely have a slightly edgy feel to them. I also really like the bag with the store, the Suede Tassel And Patch Shoulder Bag. It has a great colour for autumn and the style is very cool, I love getting to try out different shapes like this shoulder-slung piece^ And then there's jewellery - for me the Emerald Ruby Sapphire Gold Necklace reminds me of Christmas, it looks like a tree or a gingerbread house or something, which is a tad offputting for jewellery. On the other hand I love the look of the Emerald Ruby Sapphire Gold Earrings, I think the smaller size really works in this design's favour =D
Next up the clothing. There are a good range of autumnal colours and items to choose from, although maybe I'd like to have seen a few more outerwear inclusions^ Anyway, there is one outerwear piece, the Printed Blue Shawl Collar Jacket, which I really quite like. It reminds me of some of the older Plaza pieces in the cool oversized shape which has a masculine feel about it. The colour looks really attractive to me, and I can see it being used as a focal point in a lot of looks. There are 4 dresses on offer in the store in different colours and styles, although most sit just above the knee, which is a length I quite like for autumn. I love the colour of the Silk Dotted Burgundy Dress, although the shape isn't so flattering on my doll - which was something I struggled with in all of the dresses, they don't seem to fit me quite how I'd want them to. I do think my favourite is the Cut Out Dress in the cool brown colour, it's definitely something I'd quite like to experiment with. And then there are skirts available too, these are probably my favourite part of the store! There are 3 pieces in different colours and designs. Firstly the maxi Long Pleated Silk Skirt which looks super pretty and feminine and I can see it working well either being dressed up or down. Then the midi length Block Color Laser Cut Skirt with contrasting blue tones and a cool full-skirted feel, this is my favourite piece of the release^ And a close second favourite, the slightly shorter A Lined Buttoned Denim Skirt which really bring a modern vibe to denim skirts. The colour is light enough so the piece will also work well all year round and it has a great overall design. Now usually I'm a huge fan of trousers, I love wearing them and styling new pairs, although this time I wasn't hugely impressed by the Straight Leg Front Pleat Pants. I don't think they're a flattering pair of trousers even though the colour is a good versatile one, the shape really lets them down in my opinion unfortunately! There are quite a few tops and sweaters to choose to match with the bottomhalves, and again there are a good mix of colours and styles. The first one which really stood out to me was the brown Cut Out Cardigan (totally not a cardigan!), with the cool patterning which I think could stand out very nicely in looks - plus it's in SC's! It's a little shapeless in the body fit, but I think I could work around that feature. I also like the look of the two more feminine styles, the Trumpet Sleeve Cream Blouse and Puff Sleeve High Neck Blouse. Right now I'm leaning more towards the Cream choice for the long sleeves, while I think the Puff Sleeve option would be perfect for the spring, especially with it's fresh pink tone.
Prices for this floor range from 8 to 19SD's with most items somewhere in the middle there. I think items are priced pretty well for what they are and for the store overall. There are a couple of SC items too, and nothing is limited to SS/Royalty members only.
I decided to focus on these two skirts for my styled outfits - the Block Color Laser Cut Skirt and the A Lined Buttoned Denim Skirt. Both pieces are great and pretty different and I liked coming up with colour contrasting styles for each piece in a minimal way to let them shine in the look. With the Block Color Laser Cut Skirt I kept to darker tones with this top and I think going with black accessories too let the blue pattern really pop out, which I like because the patterning is fab^ And then with the A Lined Buttoned Denim Skirt I went the opposite way and chose white to let the blue stand out clearly. I loved pairing it with this second white skirt to really get a layered effect. The blue shoes were a cute addition I couldn't resist and I liked choosing a silver bag to match those silver buttons =D
And now a couple of fabulous features^ Firstly is karoliss12 who has gone with the Long Pleated Silk Skirt, and has styled it in great complimentary colours. The greens are great and work so well with the pink, and this top is the perfect choice, it's got hint of the pink in it but the other colours pull through just enough - perfect!
And then Mh91 who has blown me away with this styling of the A Line Buttoned Denim Skirt! The denim underlay is a good addition to change the skirt up a little and makes it a good cold-weather-piece, but it was the orange that really stood out^ Orange goes so well with denim and this print really makes you look. The accessories are perfect, the boots are great and I love the sunglasses and small orange clutch bag =D

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