Wednesday, 28 September 2016

A N T I D O T E | Release Review

Last week we got a brand new release of Antidote - not a collection or store that usually bothers me too much, I've never made that many purchases in the past, but I decided I'd give this one a go even if I arrived quite late at the store^ Let's get on and have a look inside:
Highlights This release brought us two new floors pretty packed with items. Alike a few of the recent releases, there is a pretty good range available, but I kinda do get a running theme vibe ... I don't have a word to describe it but a lot of the pieces run on the same sort of general style. As I mentioned, I'm not typically an Antidote person but I thought I should make an effort anyway as I found so many awesome styles to feature!
Accessories There are quite a few accessory pieces to choose from, mostly in shoes really. Initially I didn't pay much attention to the pairs on offer, because out of everything I didn't really see them as appealing or that I would wear them. There's a focus on black and zippered heels, the Black Leather Antidote Heels and Knee High Black Leather Antidote Heels. The one different pair are the Lipstick Red Thigh Highs, I didn't like these on my doll so much initially, but I gave them some though and had they still been available I definitely would have given them a go! Little else in the accessories category, there are a couple of bags and a necklace but I don't think they're much to write home about.
Clothing The range of clothing in this release is pretty wide, although I feel a general style vibe, there are a good variety of pieces that would work in a lot of different style situations and could be styled into your own way quite well. There are quite a lot of black pieces in the release, which I think were the most popular as they sold out pretty quickly! Huge focus on the Antidote Off Shoulder Coat, High Slit Black Skirt and Fabric On Fabric Long Top which are all very versatile pieces, I can see why you'd want them! Then there are numerous pieces on the grey-neutral-hued scale which are mainly found on the second floor of the store, and I do feel like these are pretty good pieces - so this is like the Space Inspired Dress, Bra Tshirt Crop Top, Grey Leather Dress and Grey Antidote Space Dress. I for one particularly like the Grey Leather Dress, the offshoulder style is awesome and I love the general fit and the colour, the only part I umm-ed a little at was the zipper from the skirt hem, it just isn't a style that suits me so much, but I look forward to seeing others work it well! There are two other dresses which really stood out to me too, the Antidote Dress Coat (it's the beige one^) and the Antidote Mystery Dress which don't seem to fit quite so much but are definitely more in my style remit than anything else! They have great oversized shapes but still fit the doll well and they are pieces I can see working well all through the year and not just in one style or season.
Prices The price range for this release is 27 to 95SD's, but there are only a handful of items at the higher end of the scale. The release is an SS-only one unfortunately, so it does provide some limitations.
Styled Outfits After getting to the store a little late, there wasn't everything to choose from. This didn't matter to me too much because there were still some great choices. Firstly the Antidote Mystery Dress which I styled pretty minimally all in white. The golden accents on the jeans really influenced my shoe and earring choice. And secondly I bought the Suspender High Waist Pants. I really wanted to make use of the suspender feature, but as soon as I tried this purple striped sweater on with them I knew I had to go with that combination. I love the tone of these trousers with purple and the contrasting stripes, and this bag was also a good fit - so glad it gets a wear after styling it in the current challenge!
Features And next up a lot of features^ I've seen a really good range of the items being worn, which I think is great! Firstly aby400 who has also styled the Antidote Mystery Dress in an all white manner. These trousers are another great fit for the dress, but I also love the silver heels and bag plus the metallic modern sunglasses, good choices^
Then Golda89 with the Fabric On Fabric Long Top choosing to add a cool folded skirt beneath to continue the fabric effect. The silver detailing has also been continued in the bag, an excellent choice for the top, and the rims of the sunglasses. Very gothic-cool with this one I'd say!
Another quite dark look, this time from natusia_182 but going bright with those Lipstick Red Thigh Highs in this perfect styling for them! They suit this split skirt well and with the black clothing they really do leap from the screen. Love the bag use and the pink lip too, some good choices made =)
Something a little lighter next in this styling of the Grey Antidote Space Dress from MeLolitka. I think it looks great worn as a top over these leather-styled trousers. The accessories are a perfect fit with the blue tones, the bag and shoes match so well, and the silver bangle is a nice minimal addition =D
And more dark looks! This is Violessa styling the Striped Faux Fur Dress. I love the creativity and using it as a sweater with these culottes and suspenders, the pair are a good fit =D The accessories keep the look and feel of the clothing but also add nicely to the style - the boots with laces undone are spot on!
And last but not least Funopler, also choosing the Suspender High Waist Pants and actually making use of the suspenders! This structured top is a good fit and the navy tone is complimentary to that of the trousers. The scarf is great too, it really fills the space nicely, adding more style but also a little colour with the blue and purple splashes =)

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