Tuesday, 20 September 2016

M S W 1 6 S T O R E | Feature Set

Lately we've had a couple of MSW 16 Store releases into the Plaza as usual from the previous years. The first release a few weeks ago doesn't seem to have gone down too well, I really haven't seen anyone wearing the pieces, I guess they're just not what we're interested in right now! Last week we got a new couple of floors added, and I think they were better! I still didn't make many purchases, and I ended up styling them, the MSW Mesh Gold Metallic Pumps over on What I Wore On Stardoll. So this post is a little 'Feature Set' as I've seen a few more dolls enjoying this dose of MSW over the first one^
Firstly is ccaauu1414 choosing the Powder Pink Tuxedo Jacket in this feminine and slightly casual look. I love the pink against the white, it really helps it stand out and also the casual feel from the trainers. Also love the use of this belt-bag which I wore recently in a challenge post, but I kinda like this styling for it more!
Mia1435 is also wearing the Powder Pink Tuxedo Jacket but in a much more dressed up way with these super sparkly trousers in a complimentary nude tone. I love the silver accessories, and I think the neckwear from collar to collar looks amazing and is a great choice for this piece^
Next is millaxx looking oh so glamorous in the Long Knitted Knot Detail Dress. It looks super slinky and well fitting, and the knot design really speaks for the piece without needing to add a huge amount of accessories, the necklaces work great for it filling the neckline =)
And last up, a little something on the accessory front with SarahVIP styling the MSW Silver Metallic Gladiator Heels. This coat is a great fit for them with a perfect length to show off all the strapping up the leg. The use of minimal other clothing is great and lets the piece shine nicely in the look, and the silver is a great contrast to the sunglasses used =D

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