Saturday, 2 April 2016

V O I L E | Release Review

At the end of last week we got some brand new Voile! It's been a while since we've had some delicate and pretty gowns to fawn over so this was welcomed from me^ The homepage ad is pretty good, and I think it does sell several aspects of the collection - I also love the blurred background, if only it were sold as a Stardoll interior!
Lets not lie, this collection is pretty slinky =) The release of two floors is filled with dresses and formal styles, I find it hard to know where to look to begin! So there is a male look with this release, but it's a little like the box-standard option really with a suit - a little flair with the Rose Print Tie.
So accessories - and there's a lot of them this time I feel! Plenty of pairs of shoes to be had. They all have a pastel sort of theme with blues and pinks, and I feel they work really well outwith this collection. I am especially fond of the Diamond Anklet Heels but also do quite like both the Icing On Top Heels and the Rose Gold Heels. There's 3 bags with the release, I haven't purchased any so far but they do provide 3 pretty different styles with the golden geometric-esque Gold Deco Clutch, the furry Delicate Plume Clutch and then the cross-over Satin Valentino Inspired Purse. And this time, quite a bit of jewellery! I feel Voile always does pretty well with their earrings - this time I love both the Dior Inspired Pearl Earrings and the Diamond Chandelier Earrings and we also have some necklaces/neck wear too, the Dior Inspired Pearl Necklace and the Gold Body Jewelry.
Clothing, where should I even start?! The collection is a majority in the dress category, mostly floor-length pieces but also a couple of shorter ones in the mix - I would have quite liked a midi or something, I think it would have stood out well in this release. Of the longer dresses, a whole lot caught my eye. Firstly the Cream Flowing Gown does seem similar in some aspects to dresses we've had previously, so I feel like I can skip over that one. But the Scattered Sparkle Gown and the Feather Print Gown really are right up my street! I love their pale colours and smart designs, they're minimal without being forgettable. But I really would buy them all if money were no object! There's also a few sets with a top and bottom, I like the inclusion of these in the Voile releases as they always seem to work well with my style^ In terms of skirts, I adore both the Flowing Floral Skirt and the Dreamy Tulle Skirt, but it's the trousers that hold my heart - the Draped Silk Pants are totally awesome! Love the colour and shape, they're so great =D As for tops, these are versatile pieces that would work in many styles and combinations - the Silk Trim Cream Cami is the piece of the collection in terms of versatility for me!
Prices for this release range from 12 to 34SD's, which doesn't really cater on the lower end of SD's but this collection is pretty stunning and a lot of items are based on designer pieces. The dresses aren't really everyday items, they're more special pieces so are something you'd typically splurge a little on too.
From me now, some Styled outfits! I had a great time working with the pieces I bought and styled both the Silk Trim Cream Cami and the Draped Silk Pants. For the cami I got it into a very casual look in my first outfit, pairing it with some pinks and trainers, and then I came up with two looks for it paired with these Hotbuys trousers - I loved them both and couldn't pick just one as it really works with both these hard-to-style coats^
And then the trousers, I went a little more 'done' than casual for these looks, which is definitely assisted by with their shape. I like them with the purple so that tone definitely snuck in, and also rosy pinks, both the bags in the second and third looks fall into that colour category and fit with the trousers nicely. The last of the looks is definitely my favourite though, I think it's just great^
And a whole handful of features now! Initially I struggled to find stylings, but after a few days they just seemed to appear^ Firstly singiel going simple with the Gold Body Jewelry. It suits the flowing style dress and kimono combination well. Also good addition of the thin gold headband^
Next ajehdn styling the Draped Silk Top with her own selection of golden jewellery - it totally works, especially with that matching hair! The white trousers give a contrast to the pinks but the Diamond Anklet Heels keep all the colours drawing in =)
Next a beautiful glitzy look from Mia1435 wearing the Feather Print Gown. It looks amazing with the glittered jacket. The toucan brooch is such a creative addition playing on the small turquoise colours in the gown. Minimally accessorised, just beautiful overall! 
And lastly millaxx with the Cream Flowing Gown and the Diamond Chandelier Earrings. A super minimal look that works totally, especially with the minimal beauty look too^ This faux fur coat works well for the dress, I'd love to see it worn some more too!

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