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S U B C O U T U R E | Release Review

We received a brand new collection of SubCouture on Friday, which was super exciting! I definitely enjoyed the spoilers alone, so the store held a lot of anticipation for me =D The homepage ad really has a few different styles and so gives a good idea of a few pieces in store, but it definitely doesn't cover everything. Those hairstyles are pretty awesome though, I'm wanting those next!
We got two floors this time around, which I believe is a first as the previous collections have just been kept to one. I do feel the slight difference in themes between the floors, with a little darker and grunge-esque on the first floor and then mixing some paler colours and girly items into the mix on the second - I think both work out well!
I'll start by quickly mentioning the male pieces, there's not much on offer, but I think the Hooded Denim Jacket could be a good one for you male dolls - I'd kinda like a female version to give a try!
So plenty for the girls on the other hand, and I'll begin with shoes^ There are a real range of shoes of different styles and colours on offer, which is awesome and I really think there will be something for everyone! Now I'm not a fan of pieces like the Chunky Subcouture Platforms of the teeteringly-high Minty Platform Heels, but I do love a lot of the rest, no surprises there for my poor purse of SD's^^ I took an immediate liking to the Spiked Pink Stilettos, there was a freebie pair very similar to these a while back that I've been wearing out, so these are very much welcomed into my word =P Also liked the Armani Inspired Shoes W Socks, a little different to my usual style, but I've featured a few of you guys making your own pieces like this with socks and heels so this can be my little dip into the ocean in that style category. Lastly I surprised myself by deciding to buy the Flying Butterflies Sandals - I have no style plans for these, like, at all, so I'm looking forward to seeing how I end up wearing them myself, haha! Next in the accessories category is bags, and I have to start with the beautiful pair of crossbodies, the Fendi Inspired Purses - I have no words other than love for this piece!!! I like everything about them. Then there's another crossbody piece, the Rocker Studded Bag, something else I really like after that last LE collection, so I'm happy about this - and the theme of studs continues in the Studded Black Weekender. Maybe some other small pale bags would have been a nice addition, but realistically I would have been content with just the Fendi alone! There's a few other pieces in the accessories category, like the super trendy Catty Headband and the McQueen Inspired Body Jewelry - so really quite a lot to choose from in terms of all the accessories which definitely makes me happy!
And now the clothing =D So there's a huge focus on the dresses and skirts with this release, with quite a lot of wide ballgown style pieces to choose from. If you're wanting colour and flair, then you'll be looking to the Marchesa Inspired Gown, while the other pieces are more on the minimal side with pastel tones. Pinks and purples win out with the Maticevski Inspired Gown and the Armani Inspired Lilac Gown, and I love the little shimmer it has to it. Then there's the Fluffy Mint Skirt so you don't have to have a dress to wear the style - I think this is one of the most popular pieces from the collection. Also in dresses, I really quite like the Subcouture Black Gown. It's not entirely fitting to the rest of the collection, but it's a beautiful piece with a great design and I can see it being worn in many great looks =) Now the trousers, for which there were two options, but I particularly love the Subcouture BF Jeans. They have a modern patchwork style, small rips, and a pretty good length. I think they'll be good in so many looks and paired with so many other items. Speaking of said 'other items' I'll move onto the tops! The jeans are paired with the Philipp Plein Inspired Top on the first floor of the store, I bought this top on a rather large whim, I really amn't sure how I'll wear it yet, but we'll see^ Also in terms of minimally there, is the Stunning Sheer Blouse, which is a lot more sheer than I really realised, but bought anyway. It has great detail and I think a lot of dolls will make use of this well. And on the darker side of style is the Subcouture Glitter Collar Top, something I know I will umm about until the last moment! I love the idea of it, along with it's shape, but I'm trying to think about how I'll wear it (seeing as I clearly didn't on some of my other purchases!) before I buy it or not! And then outerwear and how could I not start by mentioning the Subcouture Pink Faux Fur! This is a stunning and beautiful piece in colour, design and style and I think it's loved by a lot of us, which you'll see in the features at the end of the post^ Then there were two denim pieces, the Shredded Denim Jacket, which I think looks quite similar to a HB piece we'll be getting this week, and the Acid Wash Denim Vest, which wasn't something I thought suited me, but given a few days now, I think I'm changing my mind!
Pricing for this release ranged from 5 to 45SD's, with really only two or three items above the 30SD mark which I think is pretty great for a collection on limited time! There's a couple of Royalty or SS only pieces which is to be expected, but the majority is available for all - so really this collection is a winner in that respect =)
Now there are a huge number of features to follow because I just saw so many amazing looks with this collection and so I'm saving up my Styled Outfits for later this week so there's not too much to overwhelm in this one post!
So firstly here we have anisa123 styling the Fluffy Mint Skirt with the Minty Platform Heels - I love sticking to the mint theme with this sweater and it adds a nice small touch of colour which has been held onto in the cute bag. Also love the mint fur piece under the arm, it's a great addition! Plus not stopping short at clothing and going for a classical pair of earrings too^
Another Fluffy Mint Skirt and Minty Platform Heels combination from Green_Eye_Angel, but I think this looks completely different! It's all down to the funky collared shier and the office-appropriate slicked back hair, I think it's pretty perfect^ And the whole beauty look really stood out to me on this one, really feeling it =D
On the same theme in terms of colour but moving towards the blue tones with this look from aby400, who has gone with the Subcouture BF Jeans and the Fendi Inspired Purses in this amazing casual all-round denim look - what's not to love with that coat?! It's a perfect way to get Fendi in a casual style especially pairing with that tee, it's never been something I've really looked at, but I'm sure looking now! 
Moving into super all pink next with Mh91's look^ She has gone with the Subcouture Pink Faux Fur and stuck with the colour throughout the whole look. I love it with these hareem-style trousers, and who would have thought they would be good in a pinstripe style?! Love the sheer panels in the top, I think they really make the fur and trousers work together, plus you can't skim over a Dior bag, it's a great addition, as is the beauty look!
And then keeping with the hareem trousers for our next feature from Heneda, going with horizontal stripes this time to pair with the Fendi Inspired Purses. They really stand out against the stripes and the colours of the rest of the look, I particularly like the baby blue contrast with the red, it's all working out nicely here =)
Changing tact a little with a darker look from Pervuhina styling the Subcouture Glitter Collar Top - this is one person who always styles dark well, so it comes as no surprise that this is no exception^ I love it tucked into these wide legged trousers and it really doesn't take away from the piece at all considering it does have a bit of a draping hemline.
More light and pink from millaxx wearing the Maticevski Inspired Gown. I love it as a skirt, it's a perfect piece for that, and it;s also perfect with the style and design of the cropped top with the little sleeve details. Minimal accessories work well here to make the dress skirting stand out well, and that's also reflected in the beauty, love the sidesweep hair, it's perfect for this look and her doll altogether^
And bright colours with missiwantitall for her look featuring both the Fendi Inspired Purses and the Spiked Pink Stilettos. The sky blue top is great for the blue bag, while the red-y orange skirt is great for the pink and the heels, it's a colour combination that pulls my eyes every time^ It's great to have a bit of calm in the white jacket, I think it really adds to the look well! 
More pink! The Subcouture Pink Faux Fur again styled in total pink from kaka4444 - I love it! This stood out to me immediately and I knew I had to feature it, I love all the clothing choices and even those booties which are pretty hard to get right^ What I liked the most really was the bag, this is such a good way to wear it =D
And one final look with the Subcouture Pink Faux Fur from miver - going for super casual and street and current going with this grey laidback short jumpsuit. As a piece on it's own I'm not so much a fan, but with this fur? It totally works! The accessorising is pretty good too with a visor and chunky heels =)
And last, but not least, sindiralle styling the Stunning Sheer Blouse in a smart, yet fun, outfit! I love the skirt combination, it's great creativity and is excellent with the style of the blouse. Again using a Dior bag, but I love the pink pop in those perspex heels, it's great seeing them out and about. Another great beauty look too, those eyes and lips have got me all the way!

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