Tuesday, 12 April 2016

R I O | Release Review

The end of last week came with sparkle and shine in the form of a new RIO release! I was expecting it to maybe be a special 10 year anniversary store, so it was a pleasant surprise that it was RIO! The homepage advert and it's golden tone pull you in and really attract me to the store =)
Lots of sparkle and shine to grab your attention, where to even begin! There's a mix of pieces with this release, but it is in the Chicas store, so it's a girls only release this time. There's also a variety of colours and styles so hopefully everyone will find something that works for them! This release also has quite a few designer inspired pieces in it too.
The accessories were on the smaller side this time. I'm not a fan of the shoes, just a little too high and round toed for my doll and style, so I won't be going for either pair, but the Bvlgari Inspired Statement Necklace and the Lieber Inspired Clutch are both looking pretty good^ Not that I needed another bag, but it's under 100SC's, where could it go wrong?!?!
There's a lot more on offer in the clothing of this release, I love sparkles (I mean my username even has the word in it^^) so this was all great for me =) So there are 4 straight up glittered pieces, and they're a mixture, with the Midnight Sparkling Gown, whose colour I adore, the golden Alexa Gold Sequin Skirt then the silver based Sparkle Revers Pants and Super Sparkle Cami. I think the skirt will be the most popular because of it's SC pricetag, but it's also the gold version for previous silver ones that have been out, so I like that. These pieces will also be good come the next winter party season, they're perfect for outfits in that style! Other than that, there are some definite standout pieces, like the Palermo Style Faux Fur and Silver Confetti Coat which are very dressing-up appropriate and I've seen a lot of people wearing so far. But don't fret, there are pieces on the minimal style of things too^ The Ostrich Fluff Dress and the Disco Style Playsuit are great minimal dressed up pieces and both have great shape and colour, they suit my doll well, which pleases me^ But then there's also the Satin Sheen Pants which I think are the most wearable piece of the release and could be dressed either up or down, so I'm glad for them. And a quick mention for the designer inspired pieces, there's also the Chanel Inspired Feather Top. I love the shape and the colour gradient on it, it's very beautiful and reminds me of pieces we used to get quite a while ago on the site!
Prices range from 6 to 22SD, with most items in the teen range. I think they're pretty good for what the items are and was happy to pay the prices for the items I purchased =D
Some quick looks with the Satin Sheen Pants - I went into this with intentions of making party and summer looks and I've come out with winter into spring warm looks ... this always happens! I'll try better next time^ Anyway, love this colour with other blues and creams, it just works out well, and they also work with casual looks and trainers too, which I'm pretty glad about. These trousers really are something I'd wear in RL, where can I get a pair?!
And two features styling the Palermo Style Faux Fur both in pretty different ways. So firstly bornthiswaay going for a coloured look of metallic and textured blue and purple, and the fur really stands out. The makeup is also tied in with the purple hue lip colour, which I love and am very tempted to try out^ 
And then Mia1435 going for an elegant formal look with velvet, the two textures are an amazing contrast to see. Going minimal on the gem accessories but pulling out all the stops for the makeup - a shimmering pink lip with a dark eye, which the colours match the fur to perfection =D

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