Friday, 29 April 2016

T R E S S U P | Release Review

Last week we got some brand new Tress Up in the Plaza! This was super exciting because Stardoll have been showing a lot of new hairs in their adverts etc. and I was hoping for quite a few of them. From the homepage ad for this store you can see a huge braided focus, but also something for the guys =)
We got two new floors entitled 'fashionista' and I think all the pieces fit that name pretty well! As I mentioned before, there is a heavy influence of the braid, but there are a good mix of other styles for you to go for too. I'm gonna start with those non-braided styles, where there are a range of long and short styles and also a lot of curls going on! From the long styles I love the Long Sleek Straight Hair, and of the more curled pieces, I'm giving the Shy But Fierce Hair a go! Some of the slightly bulkier styles don't work for my doll but I do think the Runway Fresh Hair is pretty awesome. Of the shorter styles, the Surfers Hair is the first I tried and I love how it looks on my doll - I've seen quite a few others working this style too^ I really adore the Fashionista Messy Hair, it looks great and in the adverts that it has appeared it, it seems a great style, but it just doesn't work for my doll at all, which makes me pretty sad =( So not all pieces will work for everyone, but I suppose I knew that going into the store! And then the braided styles, which also came in long and short and also up-dos. Both the Big Messy Side Braid and Big Loose Braids Hair look good, but again are pieces which don't suit me. A surprise was that the Stylish Sporty Braids Hair looked not bad in the plaza - I purchased it on a bit of a whim as I didn't think I looked good in this sort of style, but actually this one worked out really well! It's now one of my favourites. I also like the Cute Braids Hair, and I've seen some people wear it so well, but it doesn't suit my facial features at all. In the short styles, I don't suit the Braids And Bun Hair (which I kind of expected), but I really like how the Twists And Knots Hair looks, it's got quite a few different aspects that really keep it interesting.
What I'd love from this store is the ability to try on styles and move them around on the head in the Plaza so you can see how each piece looks in different positions, which can be hard to judge when you're stuck with it just in the one place.
The prices for this release range from 13 to 30SD's. It's unfortunately only the beards which are at 13, and all the hairstyles apart from one cost above 20SD's which I don't think is so ideal, I'd like to be able to try the hairstyles more and in different positions and in different dye colours that I have in my beauty parlor before I might have to part wth 30SD's for a style. So that's something which could be improved upon I think.

I've bought a few hairstyles and given them a try, to truly get a feel I'll need to wear each for a little while and see the colours and clothing styles which work best for each of them, but I'm surprisingly enjoying the Stylish Sporty Braids Hair on my doll right now =D (Also wearing Surfers Hair and Twists And Knots Hair)
And the features - my favourite part! There have been many dolls trying out these new styles this week, but these were the 4 I saw first and loved, they've each really chosen something that suits their doll to perfection^


  1. Didn't bought anything as I didn't liked anything on my doll but I must admit that these dolls are slaying with these tress-up! My favorite one has to be the one Eugenie is wearing, the Stylish Sporty Braids hair. Anyways, that's an amazing review, as always Kirsten! :)

    Venusio xx

  2. I really enjoyed this article! I really leaned toward the long sleek straight hair, and the stylish sporty braids hair. I think they would have fit my dolls new look. I ultimately went to buy new lips for my doll.