Sunday, 3 April 2016

I T G I R L S | Release Review

A whole weekend of reviews it seems! We got new It Girls last week, which excited me because there's always a few pieces to pick up in these releases. The advert is perfect for It Girls, and although I think it could show maybe more appealing items of clothing, I think it's still good =)
I love this release! There's quite a bit of pink tones, then it's spiced up with brights thrown into the mix, but I also think they're versatile pieces that can be styled well and will fit in with what you might already have.
Accessories wise, I think this was pretty successful! I'm not a fan of the Spring Suede Heels, however I fell hard for the rest and snapped up several pieces including the Valentino Inspired Handbag which I love so much! It's got a lovely spring colour and a fresh design - not that I needed anymore bags if you've been following my Bag It Up Challenge! For the clothing, there's a pretty good choice there to sift through - with tops, bottoms, dresses and outerwear. And everything does seem to be styled perfectly with the season in mind, I love that^ Some of the designs aren't all that great in my opinion, and actually quite a lot of the pieces don't suit my doll at all - it's a shame because I was hoping to be able to purchase those Casual High Waist Denims and some of the peachy pink items including the Nude Casual IT Pants and the Nude Long Top. On the other hand, there are pieces which work greatly for me, in shirts, the Olive IT Shirt and Knitted See Through Sweater both work out well on my doll, the Palermo Long Vest in the outerwear category and the Wide Flower IT Pants as well. I also love the Three Part Cape Dress - I think it's a super cool piece with great style, design and flair!
Prices for this release range 10 to 21SD's, which I think it pretty average for a release like this. Accessories are pretty well priced for what they are. Just one Royalty item in this release, and such a bonus as it's in coins - a little bittersweet though maybe?! Anyway, no complaints from me on the pricing front!
Super excited to show these Styled Outfits next, because I really love how I've portrayed the collection through these three looks! I got in everything I bought, going for a grey/white style (which is perfection) for the Palermo Long Vest, then brights for the Wide Flower IT Pants and then super neutral and earthy with greens and creams for the Valentino Inspired Handbag and the Envy My Shades:
Now onto the features, and three very different looks I think, mainly on three different colour schemes! Firstly EugenieS styling the Three Part Cape Dress in a spotted style with some matching trousers, who knew this would be a good idea, eh?!?! I love the Chanel bag and the red sunglasses, both perfect accessories^
And then jufashionista4, styling the Palermo Long Vest in a very stylish casual way. I love the top and the choker combination along with the bag and shoes, but who would think jeans would work well, they really look awesome in there! Hair and makeup is simple and works perfectly for a great overall vibe!
Lastly Mia1435 going for a colourful look using the Wide Flower IT Pants and playing on their purple accents with this stylish cut-out top and then a Dior bag. The red lip is a perfect compliment to the colour of the trousers - great styling overall =D

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