Thursday, 7 April 2016

C A L L I E S P I C K S | Release Review

Yesterday came our latest Callie's Picks, and it was a special release for Stardoll's 10 year anniversary! Isn't that cool?! It's also my 10 year anniversary on Stardoll in the summer, so that's super exciting too^ I really like the glittered theme of the ad, I think it pulls your eye even if it's dark for this bright time of year!
For me, this release was to celebrate some classic clothing over the past years that Stardoll has had, and I think they've covered it all pretty well but it's clear the focus has been on dressing up and getting glam^
I have quite a few of the items already from their original releases, but I like seeing them get some revitalisation, like the Black Sheer Lace Blouse and the Pink Sequin Cardigan, and I look forward to seeing them get more wear from dolls around the site^
Accessories wise, there wasn't much that really made me go wow apart from the Hilary High Heels, these are an amazing classic and will work with so many styles and clothing items. In terms of bags you can also pick up a bit of a bargain with the Limited Pink Bag for only 60SC or also pick up a Gucci Tribute bag in the Purple Gilded Rococo Clutch. Otherwise ... not really feeling it!
Clothing is much better in my opinion. There are a huge range of options available for all styles that people like, and that's what makes this release really appealing to me =) For me, the dresses didn't hold my attention much, the Stardoll Holiday Dress is definitely my favourite with it's simple black and white glitter and nice fit. Pieces like the Mortal Kiss Ballgown and the Oscars Inspired Gown definitely have an different feel and for me I wouldn't get the wear out of them, although I'm sure many of you would! So for me the individual pieces are a much better selling point and even though I have some already, there were still pieces for me to get my hands on! It's hidden away at the back of the first floor, but my favourite item that I don't own on that floor is most definitely the Sway A Line Skirt! It was originally a Moschino Tribute piece from quite a few years ago now and I'm super excited to have it - it's a pretty versatile piece and has a pretty classic style. I think we really lucked out getting it, plus it's available for everyone, I was sure it would be SS or Royalty, so I love that about it^ In the first floor you can also pick up some Elle in the Belted Girly Tee and it's nice seeing this brand as it really used to be a big thing round here =D
The second floor also has some tribute, the Chianti Red Tights, which although I love the colour, they aren't the most flattering piece for my doll, so something I'll sadly pass on this time =( What I couldn't pass up on was the Fonda Bow Blouse, which I've had on my wishlist for what feels like ever! And it's got a great price and is available for all. A piece which I've seen getting a lot of attention is the Jacket Inspired By Phillip Lim - right now it's not something I see myself wearing, but it does have a good fit on the doll and the style is quite modern, something I will definitely think about, but I'd love your opinions on it too^
Prices for this release ranged from 7 to 35SD's, with really only one item at this top end. I don't think they differ much from the previous releases in price region, so it doesn't bother me at all.
I really only purchased a few pieces owing to the fact that I already have a few others, so I just have 2 looks today, firstly with the Sway A Line Skirt, which I kept pretty simple really with not too many additions, then the Hilary High Heels in what I feel is a classic go-to style for me with a lot of white - I do love them with these trousers though, a bit of a great match that I know I'll repeat =D
And one quick feature from bloom_xx_layla who is working the Sway A Line Skirt so well! Love this style and the top is a perfect match for the skirt^

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  1. I also love fitting pink purse from this collection, its cheap and goes well with most outfits. Its so sleek and fashionable