Friday, 15 April 2016

N E L L Y | Release Review

Brand new Nelly this week! I'm always a fan of Nelly so I was super excited about this. But lets talk about that homepage advert for a quick second because I think it looks awesome, particularly those hairstyle - that's what I'm wanting next^^
Just one floor now, but I have a feeling we'll get another soon - these releases seem to come in pairs judging on the last few we've had from this store, so I probably should wait to write this, but nevermind^ I actually saw people complaining about this release, and I really can't see where they're coming from in their arguments because I really see something for a whole range of styles and budgets in this release.
So accessories first - I'm pretty happy with these! The shoes are all round great, it's awesome to get another pair of trainers in the Patent Sneakers and I love these platform/mule shoes too, the Faux Wooden Mules, they height and colouring are both great. There's the Laced Up Block Heel Boots for those looking for something a little more out there, then a few pairs of other boots, getting both ankle height in the Stiletto Platform Boots and then knee high in the Loose Knee High Boots. They've really covered all the bases with this one! Not much on the bag front, actually just the one, the Big Zipper Bag ... which is amazing! I love this piece and I think it's my favourite from the release! It's unfortunately Royalty only, but it's designer-inspired, so I'm sure it was to be expected. Again, minimal on jewellery and such, but I do love both the Rounded Sunglasses and the Detail Earrings, both have the potential to fit into looks but also stand out on their own =D
And next the clothing - which all really has the typical 'Nelly' feel to it! There does seem to be quite the focus on denims, mostly jeans but there's also the Boyfriend Cut Off Shorts too. The jeans are all on the skinny side, having been focussed on loose and baggy denim recently, this is a good reminder to me that they still exist! Personally I prefer black skinnies, but for a change there are 3 blue shades for you here - with the dark, almost indigo Superskinny Jeans, then the more grey toned Skinny 32 and finally the lighter, and also ripped, Skinny BF pair. Lastly in bottomhalves there's also the Elenasso Pants, but for me they're a little too like leggings, maybe I'll change my mind later in a sale, but they're not really for me right now! Tops to match that are pretty decent too. I'm a fan of the pale and beige choices available, the Simple V Drop Top and the Red The Signs Top. There's only a couple of options in outerwear too, and they're definitely more summery pieces being made from lighter materials and having a lighter look to them in terms of weight. There's two jumpsuits available too, and I quite like the both of them. The Coverall has a cool and modern design and the colour is pretty great too. Although it's styles with trainers in the store, I think it could easily be styled up with heels as well. Then there's also the Satin Jumpsuit, whose texture I really like! The colour and style are great for the season, and I can see some good summer stylings coming from this piece. And lastly the dresses - of which there are quite a few and they're all in different styles hopefully appealing to a wider audience. I particularly love the Low Back Knit Dress, but I'm not sure it suits me well - maybe I'll purchase it anyway and decide after some stylings!
Prices for this release range from 12 to 24SD's and are on par with previous Nelly releases. I think some of the items have great prices for what they are, but also nothing is too overpriced - makes a happy customer =D
And some looks! Firstly the Faux Wooden Mules and I've gone for contrasting styles with a little dressed up vs something casual with jeans, and the shoes really work great in both^ I do kinda love them with some flares though =D
Then I've got the Patent Sneakers in this next look which is super casual and going with the basic colours of black and grey, it really makes the white stand out nicely. Then the Simple V Drop Top and including the Detail Earrings for some 'street' to this kinda classy look, it's an interesting style for my doll, but I do love the skirt and heels choice for the top =D

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