Friday, 22 April 2016

N E L L Y | Release Review

More Nelly as expected - and this time it's all about that sparkle and shine as you can see from the advert, and it totally sells it to me =D Again the models also have great beauty and hair looks, I'm desperate to get that for my doll too^
Yeah so lots of sparkle and 'going out' clothing in this one, so you can dress up to your hearts wishes and not have to pay all that much to do so^
I'm gonna dive right into the accessories, more specifically the bags - both of which I love! They're both cross-bodies but are two completely different styles. There's the kind of YSL-ish Small Chain Crossover, which is perfect with darker colours and probably most every-day looks too, then there's the Fluffy Mini Bag, a perfect feminine piece with fur and a delicate gold chain, great to go with pastels I'm thinking right now! There's a few jewellery pieces on offer, I really favour the earrings - I think both of the Black Crystal Earrings and Pearl Detail Earrings are good pieces and think they could feature in some pretty great stylings. And lastly shoes! There's a pretty good variety, mostly darker pieces really, but there are a few different styles and heights to go for. The Metallic Strap Sandals definitely stand out and I think they could be good in a lot of different styles, although if it's classic versatility you're wanting then I'd go for either the Sequin Platform Sandals or the Structured Heel Sandals which have classic colours which will be easy to match with.
And now clothing! There are some awesome pieces and sets available in this release, I'm particularly impressed with the co-ord styled pieces like the summery bright red Lace Glam Set Top and Skirt and the darker, but also lace-styled Maxi Tulle Set Top and Skirt - they are obviously great together but I think they'd look good individually too. And they definitely have coachella vibes about them I think^ A lot of the clothing is very evening-wear themed, but they're probably just about versatile enough to make some daytime looks out of the dresses too. I really love the different textured pieces available and I'm drawn the the red Long Sleeve Velvet Gown and the similarly designed Lurex Wrap Dress both with their trendy slits up the leg. Another textured piece I love is the pair of Structured Jazz Pants, they look awesome and I'm excited to style them =) And while we're discussing trousers lets not leave out the Wide Pants, a great style which is similar to those LE culottes and that I think a lot of people will appreciate! Then there's a lot of glitz and glamour to be had from the release with the glittery Scoop Back Sequin Dress (if only we could see that scoop back!) and the Skater Sequin Mesh Dress.
Pricing for this release ranged from 12 to 24SD's - not bad for the items, although maybe a little high for starting prices if you end up buying multiple pieces. But nothing is too expensive for what it is, which I can't complain about!
So I bought a few pieces and decided to style both the Structured Jazz Pants and the Wide Pants in a bit of classic-me looks, but hey, it works, and it means they fit well into my style and will therefore be worth the purchase =D The first pair had to be worn with these pointed flats, and then I obviously had to go with one of my often-worn shirt and sweater combinations - I mixed it up with this Ruby Red Clutch. For the second, I also added the Small Chain Crossover and again chose a shade of red for some colour infusion, this is definitely a look I'd replicate again!

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